This page used to link to a Photography Stock web site, where you could buy my images, but no longer - please see below

Initially I had this page linking to images selected from my book, that I thought I should probably make available for sale, or for commercial use through an online stock agency. But it never really worked out and the sales it was generating were meager at best. Then the image stock market seemed to choke out its dying breath completely, with the final nail in the coffin, being the abundance of A.I. generated images now pouring onto the net, that anyone can make without even owning a camera. Just as the online stock agency I was using, decided to start promoting a specific political viewpoint on its front page. Now please let me make this clear - I have no qualms with them, or anyone else wanting to promote political ideas if they so choose, as it is their company and they are free to do with it as they please. It is just that I don't want my images associated with politics of any persuasion, left, right or centre and especially without my permission. In other words, they can move their company in any political direction they so choose, but I do not want them using my work to help them promote it, as I wish my work to remain resolutely none political and without any political associations what so ever.

I am a landscape photographer first and foremost and as such, all I ever want to do with my work is to promote the enjoyment of 'Real' landscape photography and the beauty of our planet, full stop! Anything else is not of my concern, nor is it of any interest to me.

So instead of me promoting their site with a direct link, I am instead going to occasionally add images onto this page, that I think are worthy of being in my portfolio and that I hope you will enjoy looking at and possibly admiring - and that dear reader is why, I have now totally changed the purpose of this page.


David Hickey

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