What other Landscape Photographers are saying about the 'Photographers Guide to the Isle of Skye and the North West of Scotland'

Gary Gough - a highly influential landscape photographer and youtube vlogger -
This is Gary's reaction, when he first arrives at one of the many hidden away locations that I have described in detail, throughout my Photographer's Guide Book to the Isle of Skye and the North West of Scotland - "Look at that, this is just incredible, what a find. This place is... well let's put it this way, I have just had an excitable wee and I have not had one of them for a long time!"
Digital Camera Magazine (worldwide)
"A highly comprehensive and detailed guide, to all the best landscape locations."
Jay Olson-Goude, Wisconsin, USA - via email

“This book is indispensable for photographers visiting the Isle of Skye. I really like how the book is formatted. For each individual location, the author presents a few representative images (with equipment and exposure details) along with extremely detailed instructions on how to access each location. No detail is left out - even down to where, and where not, to park. I wish I'd known about this book on our first visit to Scotland. Our few days on Skye were pretty miserable weather-wise, and without having specific destinations in mind, we didn't really feel like doing a lot of exploring. Our visit next fall, with the help of this book, will be much different.”

Thanks Dave, for all the effort you put into creating this book!

Paul Sanders - via email

“I like your approach to the book and I think you did a great job with it - it’s packed so full of information I was staggered, it must have taken ages to put together.”

Paul is now a Fuji Ambassador, but has also been working as a professional photographer since 1984 in the fashion and film industry. He then became a news photographer for the Daventry Express newspaper, before taking on a much larger role within News Team International. He was then appointed Deputy Picture Editor of The Manchester Evening News in 1996, then two years later joined Reuters, the internationally renowned news wire service.

Lakersden - on - link

5.0 out of 5.0 -

“Photographers Holy Bible for the Isle of Skye”

"This is the essential guide that all photographers should have at their side when visiting the Isle of Skye.

Very detailed and informative."


“A very well researched book backed up by some stunning photos, but more than anything, the book just feels so comprehensive, and practical”

It's good and I want to go there!

Tom - New Mexico, USA - via email


This an amazing book Dave.

Don't think I'll need another book for the rest of the winter.

M. King. - on - link

5.0 out of 5 stars -

"Amazing level of detail - a true work of love and great for planning your next photo trip to Skye"

Having visited Skye and the highlands myself as a photographer, I was somewhat aware of how much there was to photograph and how little I was probably finding myself. So I bought this book in preparation for a return trip. What a work of love this is. Huge amounts of photographic and historical detail really bringing the locations to life. Thanks Dave as clearly a huge amount of effort must have gone into this level of description.

If you are planning to photograph on Skye or even if you are just wishing you could, this book is very informative and somewhat a substitute for being there if you can't make it.

Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Just to be clear I have no personal or commercial relationship with the author, just purchased the book and very happy I did.

Mike - UK - via email

"Your comments about the book enabling "Virtual Tutoring" now makes perfect sense"

I have been reading your extra chapters on your web site and in fairness, that helped my decision to write to Santa asking for a copy of your book.

Thanks again Dave

K. Gallagher. - on the - link

"I just received Dave's book last night and spent some quality time with it (and a bit of Johnnie Walker Blue). Loaded with great information and as has been noted, many of Dave's beautiful photos."

Well done Dave and Thanks!!

S. Blagojevic - Serbia - via email

Well, well, well... who would’ve thought!!? I didn’t. The book arrived in four days from the UK to Serbia!

First impression, even before I opened the package, was... its heavy! I instantly have a huge admiration for anyone who could write that much! Then I opened it and saw 270 pages chock-full of amazing pictures and small-font text. Wow! My hat is off to you, Dave!

The one thing I am missing is your name on the cover! Modesty?

Thanks again and best regards.

P. Smith. - on - link

5.0 out of 5 stars -

"THE guide book for photographers to Skye"

A guide book written by a photographer for photographers (and others, of course). All of the locations are illustrated, have GPS co-ordinates, suggestions for the best time of year when the light can be special and so making your journey around this magical island enjoyable and informative as you plan your route.

If it gets you to one location for that wall hanger picture it is worth every penny, never mind the others that you will take on that journey. As it says on the book's cover...What, Where, When and How! Just add your imagination!! Perfect.

Highly recommended.

Guido - on the - link

"My what a fine book! Fantastic detailed location guide coupled with fine instruction on making more effective landscape images. It is also packed with many of Dave's fine images."

A fantastic resource..

Gloomy1 - on - link

5.0 out of 5 stars -

"Encyclopedic Guide to Photographing Skye"

Let’s get the easy stuff over with. This is the best and most comprehensive guide to photographing Skye. It is written for landscape photographers by a landscape photographer who has spent 10 years living on and photographing the island. All of the “honeypot” locations are here as are hundreds of lesser known but still beautiful places.

If you have 2 days, 2 weeks or even longer this book will guide you to the best locations, using maps, GPS co-ordinates and post codes. Where to park, when to go and full shooting information for each image is provided. It is not perfect but its most serious flaw of too many locations crammed in to it, is also its strength.

If you are traveling from the South, there are enough shooting locations for at least a couple of extra days of fun in traveling up to the Isle of Skye, followed of course by many more days on Skye itself. The book is liberally illustrated with more than 300 images and snippets of history and geology of the area thrown in for good measure. Just in case you tire of Skye, it also covers the surrounding mainland around Loch Carron, Applecross and Torridon.

Highly recommended.

Eric - California, USA - via email

"Your web page and the book are wonderful"

I followed you here via Keith Cooper’s Northlight Images, both books arrived a couple weeks ago in great condition - flawless delivery.

Will have plenty to read as we all hold tight before traveling can commence!

G. Wilkinson. - on - link

5.0 out of 5 stars -

"Utterly Absorbing"

Having visited Isle of Skye several times, I bought the the book hoping to find on my latest visit something new. I wasn't disappointed. It opened a whole new adventure for me. I was of course aware of the bare bones of the island's violent but wonderful history, but this book goes into great detail, all of it described by someone who obviously searched and researched in fine detail where and when it's story begins and continues.

The author brings it all to life with vivid photographs coupled with an almost forensic knowledge of the island and the surrounding mainland.

I would urge anyone considering purchasing this worthy tome is get it before you go. It will enhance your visit and bring home to you the full history and beauty of this wonderful place on earth! It has also persuaded me to upgrade my photographic equipment as the author's images put mine [and most peoples, I would imagine] to shame!

Buy, visit and enjoy.

Catt - UK - via email

Hello Dave,

My apologies for the delayed response, its been a hectic week on this end and I wanted to take my time with a response since you took the time to send all of the information to me. I can only imagine the headaches associated with printing a book, let alone self publishing a photography book! I do hope you have some success finding a commercial publisher, because the information you have provided seems great, and your photos certainly deserve the highest quality of printing. I should say, that my father in law also enjoys photography and lives in Dubai, so my guess is that for him to hear about your book means it is even getting some reach out there!

"The attached photos you sent via email were stunning! I am very envious of you up there, my husband and I hope to head up to Scotland during spring to take some photos on and around the Isle of Skye and it's for that reason I’m so happy to be reading your detailed descriptions, which I think would come in handy for a 4 week trip to the Isle."

Best of luck with the book!